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Am I Crazy?

I'm not sure I've ever been asked that (at least to my face), but the answer is....No! Sorry to disappoint you.

Look...can I be stubborn? Sure. Have I done some so-called dangerous or risky things (some might call them crazy)? Sure. Have I done things I'm not proud of? Yes. I'm human. I'm not perfect. Would some people call me odd? Yes. Do I overthink things to a fault? Possibly. It's all just the human experience.

I'm a kind-hearted person. Has this burnt me before? Yes. Will I continue to be nice...Let's just say, I'll try. But humanity is trying my patience. It seems like when I try to do something nice now-a-days, I'm starting to feel like I'm being taken advantage of. I hate that!

I get that in this world we live in now, you need to keep people at a distance and be cautions. You just never know.

For example, here's a story where I think I freaked out a lady I didn't know. I was just trying to be nice. I'll let you watch the 3-minute video too. Since I had it handy. I've sped it up, just so you don't have to watch a boring old video for 10 minutes.

You can read what I do for a living to see how I obtained this video. But here's the story....

I just finished changing the oil on my sport bike. I decided to give it a quick ride and add some air to the tires too. So I stopped at the local Midas it was about 7:30 (they were closed), but we provide a free air station. Anyway, a 3-minute task turned into an opportunity to help somebody in need. All it took was another 5 minutes of my time. I get done, and a lady pulls up in a newer GMC Suburban. The GMC dash is a little weird and shows the tire status backwards. She thought it was a right-front tire with 15psi or air. I said, nope, it looks like the passenger-rear tire is low. So I check it with my tire gauge. And sure enough, this thing is flat. I asked how far she traveled like this - it was about 10 miles away. So I got it pumped up and you could hear it hissing...Bad! I was trying to figure out if she would make it home. So I asked how far she was going and it was less than 5 miles away (I'm familiar with the landmarks of my small city), so I think she was a little scared I was trying to figure out where she lived. As I kept asking and she was giving me generic areas of the city where she lived. I was just trying to make sure she would make it and not cause further damage to the tire or the rim.

I could tell she was getting a little cautious with her responses to me. After all, I must have looked a little crazy in my white oil-stained shirt, gym shorts and tennis shoes.

She said, "I just finished watching my son at a high-school golf match. That's where I came from." and I said to myself. Ok, she's trying to tell me to she's married and to back off the questions a little bit. After all (I used to play on the high-school golf team....they don't let parents travel around with the threesomes while they are in match play.) I just wanted to make sure she didn't get stranded. I figured, I better wrap this up because I think she's getting antsy. So I got it to the 44psi and just hoped she would make it home. It's all I could do.

I rode away, not thinking that I was some Knight in Shining Armor, rather, just a fellow human-being just trying to help. All it took was another couple of minutes of my time.

Next time, YOU, see somebody that could use a helping hand, just offer. Maybe they'll pay it forward and we can turn this planet around into a happy place to live!