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My Hobbies

I've got a whole bunch of hobbies.  Hobbies are things that are used to enrich ones life and just plain have fun and relax.  It'd be nice to do some of these things for a job.

Below are some of my interests...but really I enjoy doing the items on the sidebar to the right - as they have their own pages dedicated to lots of content.
  • Woodworking/Metal Working
    • I like woodworking, but mostly with motorized tools as this gets me to an end result with more accuracy and faster (which is the goal right?)
    • I like metalworking, but don't do a lot of this because I don't have the proper tools, but enjoy it
      • I'd love a plasma cutter, but would probably be pretty dangerous with it!
  • Adult Beverage Connoisseur and Home Brewer
    • Home Brewer Enthusiast
    • Beer
      • Porters, Dark Lagers and Dark Stouts are my favorite
        • Sam Adams and Great Lakes Brewery make some great flavors
      • Don't really like wheat/gritty beers
      • Pale Lagers are good for a quick summertime refreshing beer
    • Wine
      • Mostly White and Blush wines
      • Champagne (Sparkling Wines)
        • Other than Brut
        • Some fruity champagnes are really nice
      • Merlot (only with a nice Fillet Mignon)
    • Liquor
      • Only like a Jack Daniels and Coke around Christmas time
  • Remote Control
    • Anything I can control remotely via radio I enjoy (unfortunately, I love crashing them too!)
    • Cars/Boats/Planes/etc. you name it I love it
  • Amusement Parks
    • My wife and I love roller coasters and the entire amusement park theme
    • The faster the better! The older I get the less spinning I like, so no more Rotor for me!
  • News
    • Mainly Technology and new stuff in that realm
    • Unfortunately, the evening news makes me see what a horrible society we've become sometimes (but it has its upsides).  I try not to watch any dedicated news channel anymore.