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Most of my professional day-to-day duties involves Software Development.  This takes many shapes and forms and ranges from Windows Development, Web Development, Reporting, Database Design, Network Topology design and development, even Micro-Controller development, etc.  You name it, I've done it (or at least attempted it). 

The chart below shows my coding activity for the last 30 days. Some days are better than others depending on what type of projects I'm working on, what meetings I'm in, or just plain inability to code and develop software due to the sometimes constant interruptions by other members of my staff or co-workers. After all, my job is to assist them in being more productive. I enjoy doing that via software, but I do what it takes to get the job done even if it comes down to lost productivity!

I know several programming languages and platforms, for example, I can program and am proficient in the following languages...

  • C#
  • Delphi/Object Pascal
  • Visual Basic (classic and .net)
  • C and C++ (ANSI)
  • SQL
  • Visual FoxPro
  • FoxPro (2.x DOS/Windows)
  • FoxPro (2.x)

I have dabbled in the following languages and can get by, but I don't really love the language due to its nuances, lack of productivity, libraries, etc.

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Fortran
  • PERL
  • Assembly Language
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Objective-C

However, since 1999, I have chosen to primarily code in C# using Microsoft's .NET platform, or the Mono platform on Linux/FreeBSD.

Read why I work with the .net Framework here and about OS/application compatibility with our software.

While designing/developing software on my own time, I've come up with some applications below that might be of use to you.  Unfortunately, there's TONS of software I've written that's specific to my employer and they own it - so I can't release it.....If you do download and use this software, please send me an email/comment telling me in what capacity you're using it.  That's it - no cost - it's free.  It just helps me realize if the software is helpful to others as well.  As with anything, user beware, if this does something unexpected, let me know and I'll fix it, but I can't test it with all the billions of possible software/hardware configurations out there.  I'm not at fault if this damages your machine, causes World War 3, etc, etc, etc - you chose to download it - I'm completely absolved of any wrong-doing.  I can't offer support either.  I have a life, but again, if you notice a bug, let me know and I'll fix it.

On a side-note, these programs are not typical of my day-to-day production code. They are just quick utilities I made to solve some problem. My typical software looks something like this...

As you can see it's a lot more involved, with various code classes, user interfaces, etc. It's used to make our business function at a higher level and be more productive.

Enjoy - Zack

Sprint Android Phone Call Logger - Sprint for some reason won't allow you to pull your call log from an Android phone. For those of you in the support field that get paid on your calls, etc. this will greatly assist you. It will show the call date, time, duration and number/name that was an incoming or outgoing call.

Version 1.0 - Android. Compatible with Android Version 2.0 and higher. Download Here.

Base64 - Need to test your mail server or send binary files as plain text for some reason?

Version 1.0 - 32-bit. Compatible with Microsoft .net version 2.0 or higher.Download Here.

Base64FileDecoder - Have a dreaded multi-part Base64 mail or other message? This will decode it to a file.

Version 1.0 - 32-bit. Compatible with Windows 95 to Windows 10. Download Here.

TouchMe - A simple program for Windows that performs the same functions as the classic UNIX utility touch. Resets all files/etc to a specific date/time.

Version 1.0 - 32-bit. Compatible with Microsoft .net version 2.0 or higher. Download Here.

QuickLauncher - A simple program that will allow you to store work and personal shortcuts, programs, documents, etc all in one easy to use interface.  You can view your items in Large Icon, Small Icon, Tile or List view.  To use, simply drag and drop an icon/document/etc to the specific category and your done.  Double-Click your item to launch it, and to delete an item, just select it and right-click on it.

Quick Launcher Picture

Version 1.0 - 32-bit. Compatible with Microsoft Windows 95 to Windows 7.  Download Here.

Directory Listing - Another simple program that creates a text file of a file or directory list. Helpful for getting list of music files, pdf files, etc. I usually use this for documentation purposes on web sites and internal documentation.

Directory Listing Picture

Version 1.0 - 32-bit. Compatible with Microsoft Windows 95 to Windows 7.  Download Here.

ScreenShot - Another simple program that creates a JPEG image of whatever's on your screen whenever you launch it.  I like to place in a folder and just stick a shortcut to it in my QuickLauch area.  It prompts for a filename and automatically names it as a JPEG.  I usually use this for documentation purposes on web sites and internal documentation.

ScreenShot Picture

SlideShow - Microsoft Windows Vista and later have a slideshow mechanism in it, but there is no way to perform timing and music functions. This utility will create a simple slideshow with music if needed. Microsoft Powerpoint, etc is not needed.

SlideShow Picture

Version 1.0 - 32-bit. Compatible with Microsoft Windows 95 to Windows 7.  Download Here.

FaxIt - A simple windows program and associated DLL library that will automatically fax a Windows BMP file to a specified fax number.  I use this from a command line to automate informative faxes to associates.  I also use this to send Automated National Weather Service Mesoscale Prediction Maps to others informing of pending severe weather.  To use it from a fax line enter something like "FaxIt 0123456789 FaxImage.bmp 2" (this example will send the FaxImage.bmp to the fax number listed on COM Port 2).  I pull the images and fax numbers from a database during the automation process.

FaxIt Picture

Version 1.0 - 32-bit. Compatible with Microsoft Windows 95 to Windows 7.  Must have a Fax-Modem installed.  Download Here.

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