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Hello from SwanCreek Township, Ohio, USA.  My name is Zachary Burns, but I usally go by my nickname "Zack".  So welcome to Zack Burns' Egotistic and Esoteric Website.

Why is this web site here?

Well, it's primarily for my use, but if there are things that I think will interest the world, I've shared it.  Yes, I've used all those social websites, but it's not my cup of tea.  Mainly, because I can't purely control the content...I don't enjoy marketing thrust upon me and don't think you deserve it either.  You're welcome! I've also been "burnt" many times posting content to a site and having the web company go out of business. Remember Blockbuster, Geocities, Napster, Altavista, Netscape, etc, etc. They are long gone, and any data they had. That will never happen here! I think everything on the Internet should live forever!

Secondarily, this site has some "self promotion" aspects to it.  Everybody has to have their place on the web.  Right?  I mostly just use this website as a parking place for all the stuff I've got going on in my life. I store stuff I can't remember, some quick software I wrote, or even stuff I am still learning about or tinkering with. I'm always doing something crazy and new.

This place is basically the "Everything you wanted to know about Zachary Burns, but were afraid to Ask!"....and should be afraid! :-)

Why does this website look so "old". Because I don't really care about making it look good. I'm not an Artist. I'm not a CSS web/graphic designer. It's not what I do and not what I enjoy. If you're an employer looking to hire me....I know good design...I just don't practice it. There's other people in the world for that. Now if writing software once and having it work everywhere and not looking back, then I'm your man! :-)

Want to know more about me? Keep reading and/or check out the navigation items across the top - or the quick links to the right that will take you to a specific area. I've even got my own Wikipedia page. So check me out there, and edit it, if I meet you somewhere in the world and you've got something interesting to add.

If you need to contact me, or would like to read more about what I do for a living, there are some more vital statistics located in the About Me/Contact area of the site.

Have Fun!

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Note: I don't check social accounts often...maybe once/twice a year! Email if you need to contact me.
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