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I'm extremely knowledgeable with several technologies, frameworks, systems, etc.  I've given several examples below of my relevant experience where applicable - this is primarily so an individual can become fluent in my knowledge set.


*************** Last Updated : 2/11/2011***************

Technology/Vendor/Product My Proficiency (as a letter grade) Other Applicable Notes

Development Tools

  • Visual Studio Development Environment
A+ Version 5.0 - 2010
  • C# (.Net Development)
A+ Beta (pre 2002) to Current (.Net 4.0)
  • Windows Forms, Web Development (ASP/ASP.NET), Silverlight
A+ All forms of .Net Development
  • Visual Studio Team System Foundation Server
A Version 2008 - 2010
  • FoxPro
A+ Version 2.6 - Visual FoxPro 9.0
  • Expression Studio
B Version 3 - 4 (Silverlight)

Server Products

  • SQL Server
A Version 7.0 - 2008 R2

Operating Systems

  • Windows Server
A NT 4.0 - Windows 2008 R2
  • Hyper-V
A+ Virtualization Technology
  • Windows
A+ 3.11 - Windows 7 Clients, NT4.0 - 2008 R2 Servers


  • Microsoft Office
A+ Version 6.0 - Version 2010

Development Tools

  • Dreamweaver
B CS 3 and CS 4
  • Flex
C Version 4
  • Flash
C CS 3 and CS 4 (not a very good artist!)

Design Tools

  • Photoshop
B Version 5.0 - CS 4
  • Acrobat
A Version 5.0 - CS 4
  • InDesign
A CS 3 - CS 4
  • Illustrator
C CS 3 - CS 4
  • Premier
A CS 3 - CS 4

Development Tools

  • XCode
C Version 3 - 4
  • OSX Development (Leopard)
C Personal Development
  • iOS Development (iPhone)
C Personal Development

Development Tools

  • Mono (.NET Framework)
  • MonoDevelop (IDE)

Operating Systems

  • Slackware
A Prefered Distribution
  • Debian
Running Internet Mail and Web Services for Several Companies
  • Ubuntu
  • Redhat/Fedora
  • Accounting ERP Package
A+ Version 7.0b - Version 7.2 SP2
Major Projects Project Year Company Savings ($) and Benefits
Converted a Centralized 100+ Store Communication System to an Internet Distributed Communication System via Automated Dialup process. 1998

Saves thousands of dollars per year by removing additional T1 phone lines.  

Increased unit communication and removed single point of failure increasing productivity and reporting.

Installed Linux Server 1998 Created Email Accounts for all Corporate Staff and also developed Intranet-based reporting website for supervision staff.  Saved thousands of dollars per year in custom reporting and paper costs.
Migrated Accounting Package from Custom AS400/System 36 to SQL Server.  Accounts Payable, General Ledger 1999 >$50,000/year.  Streamlined accounting process, removed reliance on outside consulting staff to maintain old equipment.
Source code stabilization process. 2001-after

Older programmers relied heavily on legacy FoxPro code and coding techniques - there was no desire to move forward to emerging technologies.  

Standardized on emerging Microsoft .NET technolgies over Delphi, Java and Visual Basic.  Chose C# as development language for system portability to possible Linux/Unix migrations.

Point of Sale Upgrade 2001-2002 Migrated from a DOS based Automotive Point of Sale system to a 3rd party Windows based POS system.  This system still uses an Access back end and VB 6.0 front end.
Point of Sale Data Warehouse Project 2001-2002

Streamlined reporting and enhanced company intranet by rolling up POS data from Access snapshots to SQL Server Data Warehouse.

Simplifies reporting and data searches across multiple units.  Saves thousands of dollars per year by reducing reporting and having field supervision obtain their own reports.

Operations Inventory Update Process 2001-2002

Company operations updated over 100 units manually by keying parts, pricing, labor operations, etc into the POS system.  

Saved thousands of man hours by automating and simplifying the update process.

Accounting Revenue Reporting 2003 Accounting department was keying franchise reporting paperwork to parent company.  Saved thousands of man hours by automating this process after end of month books were completed.
Information Support Systems 2003 - current

Several custom systems were created to monitor POS processes and make sure field procedures were being followed.  Checks and Balances for data integrity, permissions, etc in place.

Custom installation procedures for POS upgrades also in place.  Ability to have skeleton IT staff to maintain and operate departmental functions and upgrades.

Bank Sweep System 2003

Automated ACH/ECH bank sweep to take disparate banking funds from units and sweep accounts to upstream bank.  

This allowed us access to capital and funds quicker than having to deal with each banking unit separately.

Website Upgrade 2004 Moved from mixed ASP/ASP.NET website to purely ASP.NET technologies.  Ability to cache website and increase performance and decrease server usage.
Field Operations Custom Software 2004 - current

Several programs were created to increase profitability in each of the units.  Ability to forecast customer needs and made that data available to unit managers.  

This allowed them to be more proactive in scheduling and procuring customers.  Tens of Thousands of dollars per year in revenue generated as a result.

Marketing System Software 2004

Custom in-house software developed to enable marketing department to "handle their own affairs".  Making custom coupon distribution system so operations department didn't have to be involved.

Saved hundreds of man hours per year in the operations department and also increased field exposure and profitability.

Warranty Monitoring and Reimbursement Process 2005

Several custom systems to monitor nationwide warranty reimbursement program.

>$1,000,000 over the lifetime of this program in successful reimbursements to our company by maintaining and automating the checking and reporting process.

Payroll Check Automation 2006

Payroll checks now sent to each unit automaticaly after direct deposits are generated.  No longer mailing check stubs, or generating paper payroll checks.

Saved thousands of dollars per year in printing, paper and mailing costs.

Several Small Projects 2005-2007

Worked closely with each department and company controller and other senior management to produce time-saving and profit saving controls.  Included custom reports, software, etc.

Custom Supplier Warranty Reimbursement Process 2008

With the decentralization of automotive suppliers, we needed a way to track and verify that the field staff was recouping warranty expenditures.  

This system over a 2 year process (and counting) has recouped over $500,000 in warranty reimbursements from our suppliers.  This directly affected our bottom line.

Outside Purchase Markup System 2008 Again, with decentralization of suppliers, profitability based on Cost of Goods had to be closely monitored and this system enabled field staff to "markup" parts appropriately.
Positive Pay System 2008

Field supervision lost company supplied checkbook.  "Positive Pay" was instituted and our banking institutions were directed to pay ONLY based on electronic fields we supplied on a daily basis.

Potential savings of tens of thousands of dollars.  Software written and tested in matter of days.

Gift Card System 2008 Custom software developed and program implemented with company controller to franchise a gift card payment system.  Worked with operations and marketing to identify card use and automatic ordering of new cards.
Vacation Accrual System 2009 Developed web-based Vacation Accrual System to allow unit staff to monitor their vacation accrual status and borrowing status.
Bank Reconciliation System 2009

Unit staff are responsible for cash/check deposits and several deposits were late or missing.  This system obtains bank, credit card settlement process, and Point of Sale information.

>$10,000 per year saved by preventing theft, and deposit misuse.  Software even stood up to court hearing in money theft by employee.

Part Consolidation System 2009

Software that lefts the VP of Operations control costs by studying and noticing trends in hot-shot supplier optained parts.  If up-trending parts acquisition, VP can bulk order parts for cost savings.


End of Month Reporting System 2009

Working closely with the Bank Reconciliation System, this system automates a large portion of the end of month bank, cash, and assets reconciliation process.  Human oversite still prevails, but large portions of this are automated.

Digital upstream process greatly simplified.

Near Real-Time Sales Reporting System 2010 In conjuntion with video camera rollout at all units, software was developed to monitor systems and sales in near real-time.  Gives senior management and field supervision insight to sales without having to directly monitor.
Accounting Expense Importing System 2010

Field Supervision electronically submit credit card statements to website where they are reconciled by the accounting department in an automated fasion.  Built on Silverlight technology.

Accounting staff time savings >50 hours per month.

Supplier Reconciliation System 2010-2011 Suppliers finally getting on board with digital file submissions.  This allowed us to electronically match up our Accounts Payable system and generate payments to our suppliers quicker.
Social Networking and Marketing Projects 2010-2011

Several Online and Social Marketing systems finally getting in place.  Experimenting with smart-phone revolution (iPhone/Android/Windows Phone) development.

Senior Management still unwilling to "buy-in" to spending development time here.  Performing tasks on my own after hours.  Potential revenue and profit in this area.

Linux Employee Mail Server 2011 IMAP based email server for 600+ employees.  Web and Mobile based system to disseminate company-wide information.  Thousands of dollars per year savings.  Better communication processes.