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Before there was state sponsored legal gambling, there was fantasy sports. I've enjoyed playing Fantasy Football, and have tried Baseball, Hockey, Golf also, but there are so many athletes and moving parts to the game to have those even make sense. The same applies to wagering on those sports. It's very difficult to pick the winner...too many variables.

Most years in Fantasy Football, I'd end up in the middle of the pack. The 2023-2024 season was a little different and I ended up winning the Super Bowl in my league. Taylor Swift has the Kansas City Chiefs faultering. For some reason Miami and Buffalo are re-emerging as good teams....and lastly, Cleveland. The Browns, they end up in the playoffs with most of their starters hurt.

Give it a try. It keeps you focused on the players, teams and makes the games a little more exciting to watch. Which can be tough at times thanks to the referee's controlling the outcomes of the game (Detroit Lions anyone?)