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Amateur Radio - N8ZAK

Back in 2008, I stumbled into Amateur "Ham" Radio.  This is a really fun hobby for those of you that like to communicate and/or dabble in the workshop and/or work with electronics.  The hobby is so broad that you can do all kinds of things.  In fact it's so diverse I've dedicated an entire website of mine to the study.

Check out my Ham Radio web site at (my FCC call sign).

Some of the "quick-hits" regarding this hobby...

  • Since I was a kid I've listened to a police scanner to fall asleep
    • Enjoy listening to mostly Police, Fire and Aircraft channels
    • Think that all this content should be made non-scrambled and public
      • It's our tax dollars that pay for it it should be unscrambled and part of public record easily
  • Have several mobile scanners and an a United States Ham Radio Operator (look me up - my FCC call sign is N8ZAK)