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I've always enjoyed traveling, but don't get a chance to do it that often. This pages shows some noteable things about some of the plaecs I've been in my life...

On the right are places/territories I've been and actually set foot on the ground and spent some time there - they are listed in blue with a link to the state/territory/etc. and the year I last visited it.

Places in black are part of the country, but haven't been visited by me yet

Note, I'm still working on this page, compiling notes, and images...stay tuned!

Mexico Notes:

I was in Cancun, Mexico as a kid. Circa the time period when the most sunscreen protection you could get was an SPF 15! To me, Cancun is basically a tourist trap. The food is barely edible and you almost can't wait to get back home other than the sand and sun. If that's your thing. As an adult, you wouldn't catch me in Mexico if my life depended on it. It's a horrible place!

Canada Notes:

Getting into Canada back in the late 1980's and early 1990's was pretty easy. All you needed was your United States issued ID and you literally could walk/drive over the bridge in New York, or drive over the bridge (or under the tunnel) in Detroit and you were all set - Border Agents would usually just ask your citizenship and it was a done deal. Since 9-1-1 - the last few times at the borders in both New York and in Michigan, the Canadian Customs officials ask a lot more questions regarding guns, reason for visit, even detailed locations you are going to visit. So seems like Canada is a little more strict letting people in. Coming back to the USA however, it's still a "Hello, how are you?" and just go on your way. Don't for once think the US is not checking up on you. Your vehicle has been photographed and scanned and run against the computers in Langley even before you approach the border agent! I've only had the car torn apart once going into Canada, but that was probably because I had a rental car out of Ohio and crossed over at the border in Maine.

If you choose to go to Canada, check out the CN Tower in Toronto, the shops in the French speaking district of Quebec, and no matter the season you must check out Niagra Falls from the Canadian side. It's a lot better. The New York side isn't nearly as fun to hang out/shop/etc.

United States Notes:

I'm a fan of eating and trying new flavors and local customs. When I travel the states I make it a rule to never eat at a chain restaurant. Ever! I hate doing that. I've got to try something new - I'm constantly looking for new flavors, sites, customs, etc. That's the fun of travel. Trying something new, seeing something different.

2019 Travel

The year 2019 was a very busy travel year for me. In March, I was invited to the West Palm Beach Florida area to assist in launching a new technology oversight committee by Midas International. The spring and summer months consisted of playing lots of golf at various courses throughout Northwest Ohio. One of my old favorites was purchased by the Toledo Metroparks, so I had to play that one last time. It was a very nice course, but the government threw a lot of money at them to sell it - I guess I can't blame them.

June 8, 2019 was a sad day in the Burns family history. I was informed my Grandma Burns went in for routine surgery, and it took a turn for the worse. I immediately hopped in the truck and got to Missouri in record time to be with her and my Dad while she passed away peacefully.

On the way back, in typical fashion a state trooper stopped me going over 95mph in Indianapolis. Ooops, didn't see that it was a 55mph zone. We talked about our recent family losses and he let me go with a warning.

August 2019 consisted of a trip to Boston, MA for a couple of days, then over to Vermont (yes, I stopped at Ben and Jerry's) and then up to Portland, ME.

Once October and the NFL season was in full swing, that gave an opportunity to travel to Dallas, Texas to see the Dallas Cowboys totally crush the New York Giants. Was a nice trip also - the weather was perfect.

A trip to Las Vegas in November over Thanksgiving was to seal the year off for me. Always wanted to have somebody else cook huge amounts of food and not have to clean up! Plus it was nice watching and betting on some weekend college and NFL games in the various sportsbooks.

But in typical Zack fashion, I squeezed one more trip into Florida over Christmas and New Years. This was the first and last time I will ever drive to Florida from Ohio. It was just too long of a drive. Sure, it was nice to see the country, stop in Georgia for my way out of a 95+mph ticket in Tennessee... little stuff like that, but the drive is really, really, long!

2020 Travel

In early March, I was again invited to a huge Midas Convention at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (you saw pictures of that in the Superbowl ads in February - it has a huge guitar in the front of it reaching into the sky.) Anyway, that trip started a few days early in a secluded hotel in North Fort Lauderdale right on the beach. Sleeping with the sliding glass door open and the waves coming in off the Atlantic was pretty sweet! Then things started to take an odd twist to this trip. Instead of a huge convention, it literally got canceled that Friday night due to COVID-19 fears. Well...what do you do? We already had some folks down there, so we turned it into an all expenses paid work party weekend. (Oh and Yes, I have views on the whole COVID-19 over-reaction - but I'll save that rant for another day).

This year was to end with a huge trip to Japan to see the country and the 2020 Summer Olympics, but COVID-19 totally wrecked that.

Japan Notes:

My planning for a visit to Japan ended abruptly due to the 2019-2020 Covid-19 Corona Virus Outbreak. The trip was to include the 2020 Olympic Games, but rumor has it those will be rescheduled for a later year. I just feel bad for all the people that trained for the games. Hopefully, they get their chance to participate.

Update: July, 2021 - well the rumors were correct, they did reschedule the Olympics....but they aren't allowing anybody to attend the games! I swear, the entire world is up in arms over this outbreak and we are not learning any lessons from it what-so-ever! The virus wont be the downfall of the country/world...the politics of an overbearing and control hungry government will be the death of modern day society! Get ready to bend over and take it people!

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