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Source Control and CodePlex

I've recently started publishing and giving back to the community source code I've written in my personal time.  I had a real big debate between SourceForge, GitHub, CodePlex...svn versus git, etc, etc, etc.  I finally settled on sticking with Visual Studio and Microsoft's CodePlex as a repository.  The reason for this is that I use Microsoft Visual Studio for Source Code Development and the companion Team Foundation Server at work.  It all works together pretty well.  I also wanted the ability for others to check out code using standard SVN clients as well and CodePlex could do this, whereas no other Community Source Control provider does.  CodePlex also has the backing of Microsoft - so it has some cash behind it.

Given that...CodePlex does have a login anomaly, and here's how to login and setup Visual Studio 2010 SP1 or later to handle CodePlex...

1.) Click "Team"->"Connect to Team Foundation Server"

2.) Click "Servers"->"Add"

3.) Enter the following for the CodePlex team foundation server...

Name or URL of Team Foundation Server: ""

Path: tfs

Port: 443

Protocol: HTTPS

4.) The the username throws most people for a must be like the following:

UserName: snd\USERNAME_cp (where username is your username - the "snd\" and "_cp" must be there for it to work)

Password: same_as_your_website_password