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Linux and Unix Commands

Making an ISO image from an existing CD/DVD disk.

If permissions needed to access CD/DVD drive as root, login, then execute

1.) dd if=/dev/cdrom of=name.iso


Making an ISO image from files or folders.

1.) mkisofs -o name.iso inputfilesfolders


Making a Perfect Clone of a Hard Drive

1.) Login as root - preferably from a bootable LIVE Linux installation

2.) Make sure the destination hard drive is the same or greater in size as that of the source disk

3.) dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb (were sda is source drive and sdb is destination drive)  ** TRIPLE CHECK YOU HAVE THE CORRECT DRIVES!!! **


Change the Date or Time of a Computer

1.) Login as root

2.) date --set="15 March 2001 17:20:45"  (will set the current time to March 15, 2001 5:20:45pm)


Securely Remote Copy using SSH a file or directory from a Remote Machine to a Local Machine

1.) scp -P portnumber .


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