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Java Enterprise Development - JavaEE, JBoss, and Adobe LiveCycle

Jave Enterprise Development Information.

I'm not a Java Guru, in-fact, not a big fan of it at all, but like anything a technical business need arose and I dove in.  This entire document assumes Slackware Linux, but this should work on essentially any Linux distribution.

First off, what are these products/terms?
1.) The JBoss Application Server is an Open-Source JavaEE server environment.  Similar to that Apache Web Server with PHP applications running on top, or Microsoft's IIS Web Server with the .NET Programming running on top.  JBoss runs on multiple Operating Systems and platforms.
2.) The JavaEE (EE=Enterprise Edition) framework is just like the JavaSE framework (SE=Standard Edition), except that it adds libraries for distributed, multi-tier, server/application development.
3.) The Adobe LiveCycle product is Java Server Application product that handles rights-based (DRM) document management.  Such as PDF encryption, timed expiration, etc.

To Get Started, make sure the have Java in your path.  I'm installing this as a user, and have this in my .bashrc profile script.


Installing JavaEE
1.) By default, Slackware full package installation has it installed already.
2.) You can test the version (assuming the above paths), but typing "java -version"