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This area is primarily setup for friends and family for direct access to photos, videos, audio files, or other items they can view or download.

At times, I place items on Flickr, YouTube, or UStream as those sites are geared to handle the bandwidth usage and may link to other related items of interest to you.

And people...we're all human....try to lighten up a bit.  I can't tell you how many people ask me questions via email about how ot make stuffing for Thanksgiving, etc.  Seriously - that YouTube video is just a joke.  So lighten up a bit!

Anyway, here's pictures for specific family members, otherwise, click on the photo albums below for other stuff the Burns Family has been up to.  All photos copyright by Zachary H. Burns and may not be used without my consent - or legal action may be at your doorstep.

Private Pictures for Family Members - Get them while they're hot!
Click on your photo to retrieve a compressed file of stuff.
Pics for Mom Pics for Dad Pics for Amy Pics for Sydney Pics for Shana

The following are public pictures for other that might be interested.

Yearly Boyne Michigan Ski Trip - 2009

Pictures with the Toledo Walleye - 2011/2012 Team














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