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Maybe I'm becomming a "Grumpy Old Man" as I get older...but here's some "public" rants about people, life, business, social, etc, etc, etc. Whatever I feel like....Deal with it!


I don't get it. It's a chicken sandwich people. You know, the crap that you got in your middle-school cafeteria with a Kraft single melted on top....and you hated it!

Well this company got traction in the late-80's/early 90's and I don't know how or why, it has exploded in 2010-2020's. It just amazes me...a chicken patty with a pickle on a bun and there's your billion dollar company. (Insert hand to head slap here!)

In a pinch, I've gotten a sandwhich there and the traffic is nuts, the lines are long, and they always want to "have a relationship" with me. You don't need my name. I don't want to chit-chat with you while I'm waiting. Stop with the "fake" pleasantries like "please", and "thank you", and "how else may I assist you", and crap like that. Just deep fry that patty and throw it in a bag.

I give them a fake name every time. I've used names like "Tim", "Andre", "Jim", "Joe", and my favorite, "Titus". That made me the end of the drive-thru, my name was somehow converted to "Mr. Titus" by the staff. See, if you have real respect for the customer, the name isn't just a "tag"....don't abuse the fake relationship! :-)

Had to stop at the mall for an Apple TV 4K device and picked up a sandwhich...see the name? And yes, I ordered it without the pickle!!!! Ew! Gross!

NFL Sunday Ticket

Was a DirecTV customer for years and NFL Sunday Ticket was awesome - especially the RedZone Channel.

Well 2023 Season comes along and Google throws Billions of dollars at the NFL and wins the contract. So you have to purchase YouTube TV to get Sunday problem. Well, the voice of the RedZone channel sucks now. The production quality sucks. In the old Sunday ticket, they would switch to games where a team was driving toward the endzone from 30-20 yards away, or show a big play, then off the screen and onto the next. This new guy (from NFL Channel) running RedZone is a spaz. We end up seeing commercials, extra points, etc and missing some really good action while he is talking over everything instead of just shutting up and letting me watch the games. It's pretty bad!