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My Remote Access Area

I use this area for quick links to items I use every day remotely.  They are various resources for myself or others.  Most are restricted or password protected.  All activity on these resources is monitored 24/7/365.

My Remote Access Area

I've tried to scale down a lot of my work, personal, and testing servers.  The world is aggresivly moving to mobile platforms and virtual computing is making much of this less needed. 

The following machines are still in operation for one reason or another.  Yes - all my machines are named after a character of the Simpsons!


Other machines/servers scattered around...

Machine Machine Name (Alias)





Maggie (Mono)


Moe (ZackDev)


Barney (ZackWorkLaptop)


Abe (ZackMacMini)


Chief Wiggum



Ralph (ZackWorkMac)

Otto (Virtual Server)