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I never have to tell my family what I want for my birthday or Christmas, etc.  I just publish it here.  I'm always suprised, but it's all useful.

In addition to this list, I have an Amazon Wish List - buy me something nice!  :)

Rank Product Name/Model Product Price Product Purpose
  Charcoal Companion Steak Station Thermometer $16.99 I cook a mean steak - this will make it meaner!
2 Nikon 50mm DSLR lens $134.00 For those great indoor face portrait shots
  Mac and Windows HD Webcam $100.00 Need something that works with both systems for Skype, etc
1 Alinco DJ-G29T $349.99 200 and 900 Mhz Handheld
  Diamond SX-40C SWR Meter $79.95 Need an SWR meter for the UHF/VHF bands - would love an HF-UHF meter, but this should fit the bill without spending $300 for a HF VHF/UHF combo.
  Diamond SX-20C $89.00 1.8 - 200 Mhz SWR/Watt meter for mobile


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