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The Country-Side Estate

Well, the time finally came and I am done with high city taxes and idiotic blue-city/county politics and policies, so I left Perrysburg, Ohio and headed for the country. Perrysburg was a nice community to raise our daughter, but the tax burden, zoning and planning commissions, and the school system was poorly managed. They had no way to deal with the influx of people to its community and put large amounts of stress on the current infrastructure. They just were not smart about much of anything. So I recently purchased an estate on 6+ acres in the country. Complete with riding trails, a pond, and an old horse barn. I'm going to renovate this one like the Lake House and again it'll take some time (maybe years) to get what I want.....but there's plenty of time and I'm going to enjoy it and just go slow since the house doesn't really need that much....maybe just some updating here and there.. Here's some pictures and doesn't need a lot of work - it is in good shape, but you could tell each owner had their own idea about how things should be done. Like most people, I'll end up replacing appliances, paint, update the barn electrical, get a new hot-tub, setup the hunting shack, etc. It won't be all work, there will be time for some fun too. There's plenty of room to sit and relax on the deck and watch nature go by...or hop on the dirt bikes and hit the trails, or maybe whip out the guns and do some target shooting, even play pond hockey in the winter. The property backs up directly to the Maumee State Forest giving direct access to Horseback, ATV, Dirt Bike, Snowmobile, Hiking and Hunting Trails, so there's plenty of room in addition to the property and always plenty to do and keep me busy!

Arial Photo (circa 1977)

Arial Photo (circa 1980)

Arial Photo (circa 2022)








Live Images from the Country-Side Estate!