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The Lake House

If you've read my boating page, you've seen that I've always liked being around water. There's something about being around nature...It's calming! I recently purchased a lake house right on Lake Erie and am currently renovating it. Here's some pictures and notes...

Live Camera of the Lake (from the Neighbor's house)


NOAA Live Weather Observations (for Zack's Boat)

This wind time series was created from the surface forcing data of the latest LEOFS nowcast and forecast runs. The winds were created by spatially and temporally interpolating the wind products from the National Weather Service (NWS) High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) (for nowcast) and National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) (for forecast). These interpolated wind fields were used by LEOFS to generate oceanographic nowcast and forecast guidance.

Toledo Winds Time Series Plot
Water Level
Toledo Water Level Time Series Plot
Water Current
Toledo Currents Times Series Plot
Water Temperature
Toledo Water Temperature Time Series Plot


The Renovation Calendar (for Planning Purposes)


Photos Before Renovations

As with most lakefront property, the rear of the house is usually facing the street. You're waterview is considered the front of the house. I always thought that was weird as most people approach the front/greeting part of the house via a vehicle, not a boat. So I still consider the front of the house the street-side part of the dwelling. What I call the backyard (or rear of the house) faces the Lake Erie. Deal with it!

Anyway, what's cool about this property, is that I have Lake Erie direct access in what I consider the backyard, and access to the lake and a nice area for small watercraft or hockey/ice skating at the front of the house behind the garage.

Google Map Overview of the Lake House Area

Satellite Overview of the Lake House

Zoomed in Satellite Overview

Master Floorplan Before Remodel

Front of House (Water Front Side)

Backyard Breakwall Looking North

Backyard Breakwall Looking South

Back of House (Street Side)

North Side

South Side

East Side

East Elevation

Back Side Yard

Front Room

Downstairs Bathroom


Kitchen Eat In/Table Area

Streetside Mudroom

Small Bedroom


Downstairs View

Bedroom (Future Bathroom?)

Inside Garage

Outside Garage