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The Family Dog

If you're a caring person and you've never had a family pet, I encourage you to get one! Animals have their own personality and can be very loving. It's proven they can reduce stress and when you're having a bad day, they can turn that frown upside down!

Charlie - Our Third Rescue Dog

Charlie's Story - It was approximately more than a year before our previous rescue dog (Dani the Beagle) died....we were at a PetSmart adoption event just browsing the dogs up for adoption with no intention of getting another dog. We liked going there on Saturdays just to pet and play with the dogs so they'd get some attention. Anyway, Charlie came prancing in from the parking lot (the lady just showed up because she found this stray dog tied to a tree in the park). At that moment I knew Charlie was the perfect dog for us. She was potty trained and new how to sit, stay, etc. We couldn't figure out why somebody would tie a dog to a tree in a park and just leave her there. We suspect she was 3 years old or so when we got her - as of 2021 she's going on 10 years old. She's been the perfect dog for us.

When we got her she hated riding in the car - would end of throwing up if the ride was longer than 15 minutes or so. Well driving her around in the Jeep or letting her hang her head out the window cured all that. We've been known to drive with the windows down when it's 20 degrees outside in the winter - she couldn't be happier!

She Likes - long walks where she can sniff (she's a hound after all), she likes car rides, golf cart rides, sleeping, waiting for the pizza guy at the front door, and bacon!

She Hates - loud noises and boxes. Literally Amazon boxes have her go hide upstairs!