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I've always been fascinated by Photography, just never good at the "art" of photography.  I can take a picture, but it lacks that certain depth and ability to create an emotional feeling.  That might be partly to my inability to feel emotion (as my wife puts it), but I'm trying, and that's all we can do in life is attempt to get better and address our shortfalls.

I've also been fascinated in machines and how things work, and a camera (even as basic as it is), is a wonderful machine.  It's simple, but requires a lot of little parts to make something as simple as taking a picture turn out.  Even with digital photography the principle is the same, but the majority of moving parts have been removed.

Check out some of my photos on Flickr, YouTube, etc....or visit my media page.


In general, when it comes to Art, I appreciate mostly sculptures and some classic artwork.  I like functional art (if you've ever been to St. Louis, Missouri - and been to the City Museum - that's a really neat example of having fun with art).  I also like good industrial design.  Apple products (and Jonathan Ives) do some really neat industrial applications of their ideas. I stink at art, I can recognize good design, but I can barely draw stick figures.  My Dad however is a very good artist...I've tried to get him to publish some work, but he's too modest to do so.


I've taken a couple of Architectural Design and Mechanical Design courses in High School and enjoyed it, however, I never liked or could remember the codes and measurements of architectural products and building codes.  For example, why is a 2x4 piece of wood not 2"x4"?  To me, call it what it really is.  The only thing President Jimmy Carter attempted to do correctly was to get us changed over to the metric system.

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